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Sara Coslett -

Sara is part of a family business established nearly 50 years ago in the United States. She grew up in the late 60’s and early 70’s in New York. At 13 she attended her first protest rally at the Dow Chemical building in Manhattan. Yes, she cut school to be there, but the oddest part was running into her brother, who turned out to be one of the organizers. Neither one knew the other would be there. Neither knew the other was so passionate about politics.

Today, she runs one of two facilities in the family business. She has a B.S. in Business Management and is working on her MBA. Her interests revolve around love, politics, poetry and science. These will be evident.

Franz Kessler -

Explorer, Scientist, Writer, Photographer

Published author of short stories, historical novels, adventure books, poetry, (popular) science and geoscience. DOB: 1956 in Bavaria, Germany. Six foreign languages. PHD in Geology. I like to find out what’s in the cooking pot, feel the pulse of time. My writings and pictures are often directed toward classic values I feel a longing for - intellectual sharpness, noblesse, chivalry, strength, and a lucid sense of loneliness.

Franz’s amazing photographs can be viewed at Matahari Sky

Ted Sheridan -

Ted is an outspoken conservative and American patriot. He has a sharp mind and is never shy about expressing his opinion, usually delivered with great wit. He loves his family, fishing, surfing and country. He is sometimes seen leaning back on the Libertarian tree of life, at least until an apple comes along and bops him on the head.

You can catch some of his irreverent poetry here or at his online poetry collection.