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The things that I never want to know
are few and far between
I want to know every thing even obvious things
for instance like what an eighty year old woman
looks like without her clothes
Sure maybe I could live forever without viewing those
manifestations of gravity’s transgressions
but what if I live to be a ninety year old man
looking for a younger lover?
Then there are the things I find astonishing
and want to know
They are the things unseen by the naked eye
sneaky things
comprising the dark side of human nature
it is there I wish to explore
with all their contraventions and
covert actions
the deep hidden things people seldom reveal
about themselves even when the lights are out
and they are alone turned outside in
toe to toe with reality when
those silent twist and quirks
make them the individuals
that even their friends never really know
The devious monsters
that feed upon our souls
when the lights are aglow
because we fear the night
and not the light of day
and are vulnerable to their lies
We are their intended prey
unaware of the danger and deceit
that lurks just beneath their fragile surface
we trust in what we see and what we read
how naïve we be when first we accept
such evidence of their danger
with missed placed confidence
in our methods of detection
Our human Geiger counters
of intuition and fruition
never reveal the true sources
of the REAL weapons of mass destruction
only those that go
It’s the ones you don’t see or hear that kill you…
Copyright (c) 2007Ted Sheridan