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It is so depressing for the USA to have a recorded 10.2% unemployment rate. We all know the true rate of unemployment is much higher, as that rate does not take into account the unemployable or those who prefer to NOT be employed. I do not know the statistic for that level of people, but have read it to be as much as 5%. But that doesn’t really matter. What is important is that 10.2% of our society genuinely is seeking a job and cannot find one. With a president who was sold on the ideological concept of redistributive wealth from his childhood, I think now, is the time to introduce a bit of reality. Wealth cannot ever be redistributed. Wealth can only be earned. Any attempts otherwise, lead to massive unemployment; ergo, our current state of affairs.

So, what is a freshly minted president to do? Well, invest; the same as any other enterprise would do. The United States of America is an enterprise. Yes, I know; our president thinks he can solve all ills with another government program. Fool; governments do not have a product to sell. As such, they do not create wealth, but suck on the teat of the working. Government agencies are nothing more than a police state, a parasite siphoning off the income of everyone who works and earns a living from the summation of their total intellect and ambition.

If President Obama, truly wants to step up, or at least keep stepping forward, then he must ignore the demands of the union, he believes got him elected. Because truthfully, they didn’t; he got himself elected. And now is the time to be a leader.

Obama should cancel the rest of the stimulus bill. Ask Congress to enact a new bill: A back to work bill; a wealth creation bill; or something more akin to an enterprise bill.

American does not need a new government agency, as governments do not create wealth, the steal wealth. They are parasites, sucking wealth from the working and redistribute it to those who don’t or won’t work. Government agencies haven’t a product to sell. They do not create wealth. Only private industry can do that.

What President Obama must do is take whatever money has not been spent on the stimulus bill and spend it on two things. One, bond money for private enterprise growth; private companies are facing a credit crunch. There are hundreds, if not thousands of businesses, seeking capital investments, which are unable to in today’s banking climate. Rather than giving money to banks, in the hopes they will lend to new and old businesses, give it directly to those businesses, and then offer to sell the asset to a bank at a discount.

Banks are a business. They know they need to be healthy and earn profits for their stock holders. So it is in their best interest to hold back the money they’ve received from the government. They absolutely do not want to fail. And the only way they can guarantee that is to take zero risks. That leaves everyone who has a great idea, but who needs financial input out in the cold.

The second thing the government should do with the stimulus money is offer a no-interest, pay-back differed, loan to every American who needs educational retraining. However, before embarking on such an adventure, the government should study what fields the bulk of the employed come from. And study what fields are seeking employees. And project, what fields will need employees over the next twenty years. Once that is tabulated, then offer educational retraining to anyone who wishes it. Trust me; learning is the cornerstone of humanity. People will hungrily devour such an opportunity.

It will take tremendous courage for President Obama to demand such a change to our government financial system. He will need to turn his back on the special interests that have been lying to him. But, if he can muster the gall to be President in deed, and not just name, then he will go down in history, as the most remarkable president in 100 years of American history. And if not, then he will be a failure.

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Reading this article sent chills down my spine. The US is heading into a firestorm, which just might result in a revolution. Despite all the noise Obama’s people have been making, by labeling opponents to their agenda as “domestic terrorists”, it has always been clear to me – the union thugs are going to start the war.

George Stephanopoulos reports . . .

Labor Chief to Democratic Opponents of a Public Option: ‘Do So at Your Peril’

September 01, 2009 4:12 PM

As the White House spends the last few days of the recess hammering out a post Labor Day strategy on health care — Will the President lay out his own plan as advised by Bob Dole? Will he launch an all out battle for the public option (even if it is going to lose) as mused about by James Carville? Or is it time for a tactical retreat? — my colleague Teddy Davis reports that Big Labor is not going to make that kind of adjustment easy:

The incoming president of the AFL-CIO threw down the gauntlet Tuesday, warning fellow Democrats to get behind the creation of a government insurance option or face political “peril” in 2010.

“We will continue to push it and say to them: ‘Do so at your peril,” AFL-CIO secretary treasurer Richard Trumka told ABC News. “If you’re not willing to do what you promised to do, you’ll have a tough time convincing our members at election time.”

Asked to elaborate on what kind of “peril” these Democrats would face, Trumka added, “We’re going to tell our members the truth: ‘Who stood with them. Who stood for health insurance reform. Who wanted to make the insurance companies happy versus those who wanted to make Americans healthy. And at election time, I think it will be a tough sell for any politician who is a part of killing health insurance reform to get the support of working Americans.”

Trumka’s remarks, which were made during a pre-Labor Day briefing in Washington, D.C., came exactly two weeks before President Barack Obama is slated to address the AFL-CIO on Sept. 15 at its annual convention in Pittsburgh, Pa. Trumka is expected to be chosen as the labor federation’s new president on Sept. 16.

He will succeed John Sweeney who is stepping down after 15 years at the helm.

Trumka said that a public insurance option is one of three “absolute musts” for the AFL-CIO.

“It’s an absolute must,” said Trumka when asked if the AFL-CIO could compromise on the issue. “We won’t support the bill if it doesn’t have a public option in it.”

“There are three absolute musts,” he added. “You have to have an employer mandate; you can’t tax the benefits of workers to pay for it; and it has to have a public option. Otherwise, you don’t get health insurance reform, you don’t break the stranglehold of the insurance companies, and the system goes on and on and on as it has. Costs go up, quality of care goes down.”

Asked if that means that the AFL-CIO was prepared to work against a bill that does not include a public option, Trumka sidestepped the question, saying, “That means we won’t support the bill if it doesn’t’ have a public option.”

Trumka dismissed the possibility that co-ops could be an acceptable compromise.

“The only other thing we have heard are co-ops which are too weak, not ready for prime time,” said Trumka.

In a post-briefing interview with ABC News, he refrained from stating a position on whether a “public option with a trigger” could be an acceptable compromise.

A public option with a trigger would not come into effect right away. Instead, it would only come into existence after a period of time if private insurance companies did not hold costs in check.

While signaling his willingness to pressure fellow Democrats on health-care reform, Trumka said that President Obama’s allies have found themselves in this position because the GOP has been almost entirely unified in its opposition to Democratic proposals for comprehensive health-care reform.

“The Republicans have said ‘no’ to everything and they still try to pretend that they are bipartisan,” said Trumka. “Their program is: ‘trust the insurance companies and they will do what’s right.’”

Sweeney, the outgoing AFL-CIO president, acknowledged that Obama supporters were out-organized at the start of the August recess.

“We were a little slow in getting into those town-hall meetings,” said Sweeney in an interview. “But we are now far outnumbering opponents of reform.”

Despite the widespread television coverage that opponents of health-care reform have received, Sweeney expressed confidence that Democrats would ultimately rally behind a public option.

“We’re not going to let up,” Sweeney told ABC News.

ABC News’ Elizabeth Gorman contributed to this report.

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I wanted to offer a few thoughts on the auto industry bailout. I think they should let the US auto industry go under. It will bust up the United Autoworkers Union and invigorate innovation.

I realize many people will become unemployed in the short-term, but the long-term prospect is good because new or more efficient automotive companies will come in, buy up some of the assets (the valuable ones) and re-invent the American auto industry by leveraging automation and supplying cars people demand. Moreover, they will do it at a much higher level of quality.

I do not favor unions. In the case of the United Autoworkers Union, they are too intrusive in managing the industry. It seems to me a union worker does not possess the same level of respect and pride for the company or the consumer, as a non-union worker. Unions are like welfare, they create a sense of entitlement, which is non-productive thinking.

When the union dictates to an organization how many people can be hired and fired; and when a union dictates to an organization that they can only use automation if there are no jobs lost — thus negating any cost savings to the company — it is time for the union to take a walk. The key is to get the union out of management’s wallet. Management needs to be free to make decisions about what is in the best interest of the company. A reasonable manager will take into account the employee’s needs, because such actions foster moral throughout the company. At the same time, every worker knows if the company cannot survive because of payroll gloat, then the entire company will go out of business, dragging every person down with the ship.

So, let the US auto industry go bankrupt. Let them shutter their doors and make way for more innovative and better-organized companies who are free of union dictates.

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It is good time to be an American manufacturer. For the past ten or so years, whenever I informed a potential customer we manufacture our products in the USA; they ran out of my trade show booth. They would always leave grumbling they were looking for goods imported from China. For the past year, when I say all our goods are made in the USA practically line up down the aisle oohing and ahhing at my products; marveling at the quality, complexity and variety of products.

You might be wondering why. Well, for one, the dollar is quite weak. This makes Made in the USA products a bargain in the EU. Two, China has finally done what we all knew they would–shown their quality of production to be not only inferior, but also negligent. People are afraid of buying Chinese made products. They want to offer their customers something of solid value for their hard-earned dollars. Therefore, quality is of the essence.

This is giving the US manufacturer an opportunity to shine once again and show the world, we have the right stuff, at the right price and with the right expertise. We are known for putting pride of manufacture and commitment to quality into everything we make.

For all the organizations who hung on during the USA manufacturing migration to Asia by either cutting margins or finding a comfortable niche to fill or innovating news way of producing products that reduce costs or by investing heavily in automation, I have to say, get ready for a resurgence of the worlds best brand — MADE IN THE USA!