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How did human beings lose touch with the concept of personal responsibility? It is almost as if the term were a dirty word. Everyday we hear people blame others for their troubles. The war in Iraq is no different.

Let’s be clear; the United States government is no longer engaged in a war of their making. What they are engaged in now should have been an easy task. Helping the Iraqi people formulate a democratic government where all of its citizens live freely, without fear or causing harm to others.

It would seem though; the Iraqi people are more interested in killing each other. Everyday is a new show of bravado, a new game of one-upmanship. And instead of taking responsibility for their actions by bringing about an immense amount of pain and suffering to their neighbors, their brothers, their sisters, their mothers, their fathers; THEIR CHILDREN, they blame the American military and government.

If the Iraqi people wish for all American and other foreign forces to leave their country, then THEY must lay down their weapons. They must meet at the bargaining table and hammer out a constitution that is inclusive; hammer out a plan where human beings of one faith, but different factions can share a street, a neighborhood, and a land; if not for themselves then for their children.