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So often we see the world become preoccupied with a single cause or event. Today’s headlines are Iraq and Madeleine, as if there were no other conflicts or missing children in the world. This is not to belittle the tragedies in Iraq, or the heart-break of a missing child. We must remember though, wars are being waged all over the world, children are being abducted everywhere. Saddam Hussein killed 2 million people long before the U.S. ever entered into a war to remove him from his dictatorship. We cannot allow a single cause célèbre to divert our attention away from protecting our future from harm.

While war is endemic to the human condition, it must and can be stopped. As the people of Earth, we cannot continue infecting our future with war. So once again I find myself demanding – if nothing else — do it for the children. Save them from death. Save them from starvation. Save them from the loss of clean drinking water. Save them from food-borne bacteria. Save them from landmines. Save them from the orphanages of the world. Save them from unnecessary danger. Save them from perversion. Save them from a past filled with hatred.

Do it for their future.

~ Sara Coslett

I want to thank my good friend Ted Sheridan for agreeing to post his work on the Global Nation blog. Ted is a prolific writer on many subjects, but for this space I’ve asked him to concentrate on issues involving freedom, justice, democracy and the impact of globalization on humanity. I hope you, the reader, will be as moved by his writing as I have been for the past four or five years. Please feel free to leave comments as discussion is encouraged.

I would also like to thank my webmaster, Dan Kinchen for building the new Global Nation website. Dan, you have created a wonderful site. I am very proud to have both you and Ted on my team.

To the other people I have asked to join me here, I hope you will accept my invitation to post your philosophies on how to build a global union for the society of man. Our goal is to create the blueprint for the benefit of all mankind and not just one specific ideology.

Thank you,

   Sara Coslett    


  Todays identity thief is the equivalent of a modern day Robin Hood..
Stealing the identities of the plastic rich..
And ‘Charging’ the loot he gives to his merry men…
Not much different than the Government
Who redistributes the wealth through the tax code 

2007 © T Sheridan

The things that I never want to know
are few and far between
I want to know every thing even obvious things
for instance like what an eighty year old woman
looks like without her clothes
Sure maybe I could live forever without viewing those
manifestations of gravity’s transgressions
but what if I live to be a ninety year old man
looking for a younger lover?
Then there are the things I find astonishing
and want to know
They are the things unseen by the naked eye
sneaky things
comprising the dark side of human nature
it is there I wish to explore
with all their contraventions and
covert actions
the deep hidden things people seldom reveal
about themselves even when the lights are out
and they are alone turned outside in
toe to toe with reality when
those silent twist and quirks
make them the individuals
that even their friends never really know
The devious monsters
that feed upon our souls
when the lights are aglow
because we fear the night
and not the light of day
and are vulnerable to their lies
We are their intended prey
unaware of the danger and deceit
that lurks just beneath their fragile surface
we trust in what we see and what we read
how naïve we be when first we accept
such evidence of their danger
with missed placed confidence
in our methods of detection
Our human Geiger counters
of intuition and fruition
never reveal the true sources
of the REAL weapons of mass destruction
only those that go
It’s the ones you don’t see or hear that kill you…
Copyright (c) 2007Ted Sheridan

To all of the people in the world
Who are oppressed
They have beaten you
And put you in your proper place
They have read you your rights
You have been handed the paper
You have made your one phone call
You have voted for the ones they chose
You have paid your tithes to God
After taxes
You have ridden in the back of the bus
Gone into the fields to work for nothing
While others picked the fruits of your labor
You voted for the wrong political party
The one that promised you equality
You’re all equal now
But you will never be equal to them
You naive fools
They taught their agenda
To your children in your schools
While you marched and you were hung
You suffered while others watched
Everyone has been indoctrinated
By some form of government
You shed your blood for oil and wealth
You warred against yourselves
You killed your brothers and you
Raped your mothers
While your fathers said ‘It’s all for the best’
You threw a Berka over your sister’s head
And bowed to them who whipped her
While you prayed to God for help
And grew your Poppies to ease the pain
Of your deceit
You strap ‘C Four’ to your sons
And send them out into the streets
To be blown to Kingdom Come
And the Virgins that will bury them
Are not so pure after all
You tear down schools walls of bricks
While you build chaos with your words and tricks
You all fuck yourselves to death
Without protection
While the famine continues in your land
The ground so hard and sand so dry
You can’t dig more than a shovel full from
A fathom of earth to bury the dead
That died from Aids and the Plague
While old grey haired Westerner’s
Sit in a Paradise and complain
Of budget cuts and such
As they pop three times a day
Their prescribed amount of Morphine
Needed to keep themselves sedated
From the ‘Truth’
And still oppressed Cuban refugees
Theaten to hit more home runs
Than the ’Great White Hope’
Some guy named Ruth
We send more armed troops
Into combat and many distant lands
Spread out to protect us from ourselves
As we piss our freedom away
Here in the U.S.A.
With strip search after strip search
Of our pockets and our homes
We are denied our dignity
With our hands spread on the hoods
Of our gas guzzling cars owned by the bank
We conform to ‘ANY’ situation
That faces us now
Terror has won over
The power is in our protector’s hands
The government will keep us secure
With more laws which oppress free expression
Designed with you and me in mind
Good citizens of the United States And Nations
World order has arrived…
What order
You’re all out of order for crying out loud
Oppressed people heed my call
They beat you and then they tell you
To stay down…
And so you have, do and always will…

Copyright ©2007 T Sheridan

Iraq Is No Vietnam
  The horrible truth about most wars
is that they are started by politicians
……fought by brave soldiers
……protested by cowards
……and then lost by the same fools who started them  

I was in Vietnam…and Iraq is no Vietnam
In Iraq we are fighting a true enemy of Humanity
as was the case with Hitler during WWII…
and not just some poor people being oppressed
as was the case in Vietnam….
Peace is always achieved with a victory and not a surrender

2007 © Ted Sheridan

I want to become a victim
I don’t care of what
just as long as I survive it long enough to spend all the money…
Allow me to lay it out…
I want to be compensated for being a victim…
I want a government check bi weekly
I want it signed by the Treasurer…
and direct deposited to my account…
I want one check for being born with all ten fingers and toes…
and another check for living past the age of twenty one
I want rent control or a habitat for humanity house for free
as long as I don’t have to pay it’s alright by me…
Add to that a Veterans package
with hospitalization and complete dental…
Throw in free prescription drugs…and I’ll be happy
And while you’re at it…
Food stamps should be good for purchasing Jack Daniels
Gas should be free for anyone driving a compact car
our insurance should be paid by the good hands people…
Replace Marlboros with high grade Marijuana…
that’s how the government can make the extra money
to give me the retirement package I require
when I get off of Disability and Unemployment
But back to my primary proposal and why I deserve all of this…
I’m an American…and I have a right…
To be a victim just like everyone else in this world!

2007 © T Sheridan

It was a nebulously mundane sort of day on the Animal Farm…
A very pink pig was rooting in his pen of watery slop…
hoping to cool his fat ass from the heat of the sun
The chickens had all retreated to a favorite shady spot
next to the barn…clucking like the hens they are…
bitching about the Rooster and his harem of younger chicks
who they accused of turning tricks for a handful more feed
All were ignorant of the facts…there are those hens who lay
and those chickens who get laid and eaten…
The horse was busy working up a sweat in front of the plow
as the crops needed planting to pay the bills…
The many cows in the pasture stood around and did nothing
as several sheep were feverishly counting to a pretty penny
who amongst them was reportedly missing…
Since long before the sun had begun to rise
in the usual peaceful countryside’s early morning sky
the Farmer had loaded up his truck and gone to market…
The dog put his head down on his front paws…
and dreamed of a Revolution…  

2007 © Ted Sheridan