Global Nation Organization A modern human society for intellectuals to assist in engineering a Whole World Government for the better of environment and human development.


The Global Nation Organization would like to thank all the people who have joined our ranks by submitting applications for membership. We feel honored to have your support and look forward to further contact with each of you. As you know, the application is private, all information you have submitted is confidential unless otherwise indicated by you. Anyone who wishes to join us please click here for a membership application.

In addition, we are pleased to offer honorary membership to the following individuals who are to us titans in their field of expertise. Some of these people you will know for their fame, however, that is not why we find them to be honorable. If anything, it is the exact opposite. We know, for them fame is a consequence of their perfection that results from pushing their dreams towards achievement and not their actual goal. As such, we honor these people for their achievements in industry, science, medicine, technology and social accomplishments. Every day they challenge the status quo to make not just their lives, but ours better.

Hononary Members Credentials Further Information
Harald M. Apfelthaler CEO, HARREXCO AG
Brian S. Appel CEO Changing World Technologies (CWT)
Scott Atran Anthropologist
Dr. Robert Aymar CERN Director General
Paul Baskis Microbiologist, Patent holder for CWT
Stephen Bass  Chief Environment Adviser at the UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID).
Marc Benioff Information Technology
Pierce Brosnan Humanitarian Advocate
Robert Cialdini, Ph.D. Author
Tansu Ciller First female Prime Minister of Turkey
Sir John Daniel  UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Education
Dr. Liu Dong  Researcher and founder of Jade-Body Qigong
Ann Druyan Author & Advocate for Science
Shirin Ebadi Attorney, Human Rights Activist
Milton Friedman  Economist
William Gates III CEO of Microsoft
Gerd Gigerenzer Director Center for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition, Max Planck Institute
Roshi Bernard Glassman Founder of Greyston Foundation
Baroness Susan Greenfield Director of The Royal Instituttion of Great Britain
Alan Greenspan Former Federal Reserve Board Chairman
Gilbert M. Grosvenor Chairman of the Board, National Geographic Society
Nat Irvin, D.M.A. Executive Professor of Future Studies
Steve Jobs CEO of Apple Computers
Gerardo Joffe Mining Engineer, Author & Advocate of Truth
Bill Joy Chief Scientist of Sun Microsystems
Dean Kamen Inventor
Horst Klinkmann, MD Physician, Inventor of Artificial Kidney
Richard Leakey, Ph.D. Paleoanthropoligist
Jo Luck President and CEO Heifer International
Akinlawon Mabogunje Geographer, Human Environmental Scientist
Beatriz Merino  First female Prime Minister of Peru
Dennis Miller Comedian/Commentator
Thomas Nierle, MD Director of Operations, MSF Switzerland
Raymond C. Offenheiser President of Oxfam America
Richard Poe Author
Darin Portnoy, MD, MPH President U.S. Doctors without Borders
Johanna Quandt-Stiftung Widow of Herbert Quandt, CEO of BMW, Germany
Catherine B. Reynolds Philanthropist
Mary Robinson President of Ireland (1990-97) and United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (1997-2002) is the Chair of the Council of Women World Leaders
Sir Evelyn de Rothschild chairman of N.M. Rothschild & Sons, U.K.
Jeffery D. Sachs, Ph.D. Economist
Ottilia Saxl Director Institute of Nanotechnology and Technology Transfer Centre
Wafa Sultan Psychiatrist
David Ulansey Author & Professor
Hirofumi Uzawa Economic Scientist
Dr. Avner Vengosh Geochemist
Birte Weiss Vice-Chairperson of the Parliament of Denmark, 1998-99
George M. Whitesides Bioorganic/Physical Organic Chemist
Donna Woodka Software Engineer & Author
Tadashi Yanai President of Fast Retaling, Japan