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As Abraham Lincoln said: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

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It is so depressing for the USA to have a recorded 10.2% unemployment rate. We all know the true rate of unemployment is much higher, as that rate does not take into account the unemployable or those who prefer to NOT be employed. I do not know the statistic for that level of people, but have read it to be as much as 5%. But that doesn’t really matter. What is important is that 10.2% of our society genuinely is seeking a job and cannot find one. With a president who was sold on the ideological concept of redistributive wealth from his childhood, I think now, is the time to introduce a bit of reality. Wealth cannot ever be redistributed. Wealth can only be earned. Any attempts otherwise, lead to massive unemployment; ergo, our current state of affairs.

So, what is a freshly minted president to do? Well, invest; the same as any other enterprise would do. The United States of America is an enterprise. Yes, I know; our president thinks he can solve all ills with another government program. Fool; governments do not have a product to sell. As such, they do not create wealth, but suck on the teat of the working. Government agencies are nothing more than a police state, a parasite siphoning off the income of everyone who works and earns a living from the summation of their total intellect and ambition.

If President Obama, truly wants to step up, or at least keep stepping forward, then he must ignore the demands of the union, he believes got him elected. Because truthfully, they didn’t; he got himself elected. And now is the time to be a leader.

Obama should cancel the rest of the stimulus bill. Ask Congress to enact a new bill: A back to work bill; a wealth creation bill; or something more akin to an enterprise bill.

American does not need a new government agency, as governments do not create wealth, the steal wealth. They are parasites, sucking wealth from the working and redistribute it to those who don’t or won’t work. Government agencies haven’t a product to sell. They do not create wealth. Only private industry can do that.

What President Obama must do is take whatever money has not been spent on the stimulus bill and spend it on two things. One, bond money for private enterprise growth; private companies are facing a credit crunch. There are hundreds, if not thousands of businesses, seeking capital investments, which are unable to in today’s banking climate. Rather than giving money to banks, in the hopes they will lend to new and old businesses, give it directly to those businesses, and then offer to sell the asset to a bank at a discount.

Banks are a business. They know they need to be healthy and earn profits for their stock holders. So it is in their best interest to hold back the money they’ve received from the government. They absolutely do not want to fail. And the only way they can guarantee that is to take zero risks. That leaves everyone who has a great idea, but who needs financial input out in the cold.

The second thing the government should do with the stimulus money is offer a no-interest, pay-back differed, loan to every American who needs educational retraining. However, before embarking on such an adventure, the government should study what fields the bulk of the employed come from. And study what fields are seeking employees. And project, what fields will need employees over the next twenty years. Once that is tabulated, then offer educational retraining to anyone who wishes it. Trust me; learning is the cornerstone of humanity. People will hungrily devour such an opportunity.

It will take tremendous courage for President Obama to demand such a change to our government financial system. He will need to turn his back on the special interests that have been lying to him. But, if he can muster the gall to be President in deed, and not just name, then he will go down in history, as the most remarkable president in 100 years of American history. And if not, then he will be a failure.