It is good time to be an American manufacturer. For the past ten or so years, whenever I informed a potential customer we manufacture our products in the USA; they ran out of my trade show booth. They would always leave grumbling they were looking for goods imported from China. For the past year, when I say all our goods are made in the USA practically line up down the aisle oohing and ahhing at my products; marveling at the quality, complexity and variety of products.

You might be wondering why. Well, for one, the dollar is quite weak. This makes Made in the USA products a bargain in the EU. Two, China has finally done what we all knew they would–shown their quality of production to be not only inferior, but also negligent. People are afraid of buying Chinese made products. They want to offer their customers something of solid value for their hard-earned dollars. Therefore, quality is of the essence.

This is giving the US manufacturer an opportunity to shine once again and show the world, we have the right stuff, at the right price and with the right expertise. We are known for putting pride of manufacture and commitment to quality into everything we make.

For all the organizations who hung on during the USA manufacturing migration to Asia by either cutting margins or finding a comfortable niche to fill or innovating news way of producing products that reduce costs or by investing heavily in automation, I have to say, get ready for a resurgence of the worlds best brand — MADE IN THE USA!