Please watch the above video. The Fountainhead - Howard Roark Speech (Ayn Rand)

There are three kinds of people in the world; doers, pretenders and nothing’s. Doers and pretenders are both learners, anxious to possess knowledge. But pretenders use their knowledge to make it easier for them to pretend at doing. The third type of persons are the nothing’s; people who do not contribute anything to society, parasites. They might be rich, they might be poor, but they do absolutely nothing. They live on the dole, either from the government, a charitable organization or their family.

Doers and pretenders can be either leaders or followers. They can be successful or failures. At the surface you might be asking yourself, “What difference does it make if one is a doer or a pretender if the end game is the same?” Well, I’ll tell you. I believe doers get more satisfaction out of life. A doer, even in their failure, enjoys a certain sense of achievement, the knowledge they DID something. They worked their mojo to the max, they reached higher with their own effort. If they were to fall down while doing, they accept it as an opportunity to do more next time; or to do better. They do no ride others coattails. They are the coattail. They achieve, so that others may copy.

Now, a pretender could be in a position of leadership. But, because they are a pretender, we can be assured, their creations will not be original; or their perhaps, not even their own. And quite often, the product of their work has little value. To imitate a pretender is dangerous too. Whenever you make a copy of a copy, you lose some clarity on each generation away from the original. Quite interestingly, a pretender is more like a nothing, than a doer. Both the pretender and the nothing are essentially both parasites of varying degrees.

However, a pretender might be more interesting to know. They are after all, actors. Not the kind you see in film and media, but everyday people, sucking up to their friends, neighbors, and bosses; stealing ideas and latching onto others.

For a pretender and a nothing to survive, they need conflict. They need a messy world so they can hide in that whirlwind of activity. Pretenders and nothing’s are the consummate manipulator’s, convincing doers to give up their worth, for the others furtive happiness.

If there are too many pretenders and even more nothing’s, the world will find itself on a precipice of dying. Pretenders and nothing’s, are both like an algal bloom, choking off all the oxygen in an ecosystem. So, choose for yourself, do you have the courage to be a doer, or will you just coast through life, leaving behind nothing of value as a pretender or worse, a nothing? Choose your path; don’t let others choose it for you. It is your life.