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While Islamic society in some Middle Eastern countries seem to be heading backwards, I do believe (at least I hope so) that the situation can be turned around. However, it will be up to the Muslims themselves (not their Mullah’s) to decide how they want to govern their lives.

It will be up to Muslims to stand up against the use of the Qur’an as a vehicle for subjugation and suppression of individual rights.

If it is being distorted for political gains, then get that message out. If it is not distorted and in fact, quite literal, then decide if those laws, which were established for a period 1500 years ago, are relevant in this time.

It will be up to Muslims to intercede when a Mullah calls his followers to arms over silliness such as cartoons and teddy bears.

It is not up to America, Great Britain or any other country to do it for you.

Wars can rage on for thousands of years…as we can see. Ultimately, it will be up to Muslims to make the choice to live freely, with peace and the willingness for cooperation and a deep desire for hard work.

Life truly can be better.

The past will always be hungry for a foothold in the present. Don’t let it eat you alive as it tries to obliterate the future.

Mind you, this is true for anyone of any religion or society. Whether it is the anarchy of the Congo, or the bombed out villages of Afghanistan, individual people themselves have to refuse to participate in activities that are contrary to progress.

It is up to only you, if you have the courage.